Welcome to XPR

XPR assist the promotional efforts of acts stepping up to the next level within the alternative sector of the UK music industry. Communicating with media contacts from long established relationships. Utilising experience, guidance and advice gathered over the last decade within the industry, making XPR well placed to serve your needs.

Striving for successful creative and bespoke strategies, with coverage to local, regional and national press for print, online and radio formats. Working to secure a maximum impact of engaging results to benefit and compliment an acts presence, breaking through the ceiling of their previous successes.

XPRs unique selling point comes from a decades worth of experience working at the press end of an email. We know how to communicate with media professionals: the little details that help and the big issues that can arise from a simple oversight.

XPR has a taste for acts that have something different about them, a special flare to their sound, an intrigue to their persona, something that stands them out from the crowd, a quality that sees them soar above the pack.

For any enquiries, feel free to contact: xander@xpr.rocks

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If you are a young band that's ready to start hitting the circuit and you're ready to release your first material, then we've just the package for you. A Publicist, manager and agent isn't what you need right now, so we've compiled the essentials to get you rolling and making your own contacts with the basic tips, to start you off on the right foot. We also offer coaching sessions!

  • £20 - XPR Guidebook & Introduction

  • £30 - XPR Guidebook & Group Seminar

  • £45 - XPR Guidebook & 1-1 Coaching

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Is your band ready to take it to the next level? XPR have compiled the essential information you need to know moving your act forwards, talking about bookings, publicity, ethics, media, organisation AND we've talked with professionals across the board of the industry to pick their brains for their best piece advice, including promoters, musicians, publicists, labels, management, roadies, you name it!

Where the 'XPR Guidebook' presents the basics when starting up, 'The Next Step' offers years advice and experience for when you want to take your music seriously, all this for just £35! COMING SOON!