Shades of Gray 'This Is How We Rock and Roll' (single) March 2021

The Nephews öf Mayhem Ski Sunday (single) 12th March 2021


Shades of Gray 'Turn it up Louder' (single) February 2021


This Is Turin 'T.U.R.I.N' EP 15 February 2021


This Is Turin 'Excommunicate' (single) 15 February 2021

Shades of Gray 'Are You Ready for Love' (single) January 2021

Cover - Gasoline Thrill - Blind 500x500.

Gasoline Thrill - 'Blind' (single re-issue) January 2021

Cover - Ward XVI - Unplugged and Sedated

Ward XVI - 'Unplugged and Sedated' (EP) 25 December 2020

Cover - Rasied By Owls - Do They Know It

Raised By Owls - 'Do They Know It's Christmas?' (single) 18 December 2020

Cover - This Is Turin - Absolution

This Is Turin - 'Absolution' (single) 4 December 2020

Cover - Beermageddon - Headbangers and M

Beermageddon - 'Headbangers & Mash' (single) 23 October 2020

Cover - Shades of Gray - Take Me Higher.

Shades of Gray 'Take Me higher' (single) November 2020

Shades of Gray - 'Music is my Remedy' (single) October 2020

Cover - This Is Turin - Misery

This is Turin 'Misery' (single) 16 October 2020

Cover - TPBR - Before I Go

The Penny Black Remedy - 'Before I Go' (single) 9 October 2020 mono del mondo

The Penny Black Remedy Owing to Certain Complications Vol.1...' (album) 16 October 2020 mono del mondo

Ward XVI 'Metamorphosis' (album) 25 September 2020 Metal Rocka Recordings

Cover - Ward XVI - Shadows

Ward XVI 'Shadows' (single) 18 September 2020 (Metal Rocka Recordings)

Cover - Shades fo Gray - Wam Bam - 960x9

Shades of Gray 'Wam Bam' (single) September 2020

Cover - Ward XVI - Mister Babadook 1440p

Ward XVI 'Mister Babadook' (single) 24 August 2020 (Metal Rocka Recordings)

Cover - Hung Daddy - A Thirst Unquenched

Hung Daddy Allstars 'A Thirst Unquenched' (single) 7 August 2020

Cover - Imago - Ward XVI - 1200x

Ward XVI 'Imago' (single) 7 August 2020 (Metal Rocka Recordings)

Cover - BlackHawkDown - Chapter One

BlackHawkDown 'Chapter One' (album) 31 July 2020

Cover - BlackHawkDown - Calling - 976x

BlackHawkDown 'Calling' (single) 31 July 2020

Cover - Shades of Gray - Tied Up In Love

Shades of Gray 'Tied up in Love' (single) 27 July 2020

Cover BlackHawkDown Faces Single

BlackHawkDown 'Faces' (Single) 3 July 2020

Cover - Ramage Inc - A Quiet Earth

Ramage Inc. 'A Quiet Earth' (single) 29 June 2020

Cover Hung Daddy On THe Line Single

Hung Daddy Allstars 'On the Line' (single) 14 June 2020

Unknown Era 'A State of Affairs' (Album) 12th June 2020

Unknown Era 'The Misfit' (Single) 8 June 2020

BlackHawkDown' Sick Kind' (Single) 6th June 2020

Messiah's Kiss 'Kiss' (single) 20 May 2020

Shades of Gray 'SHOUT!' (single) 12 May 2020

Hung Daddy & Chums 'Outbreak' (Single) 1st May 2020

Lockdown HxC 'Crowd Kill Corona' (single) 16th March 2020

Unknown Era 'Read Between the Lines' (single) 3rd March 2020

Kim Jennett 'Counts for Nothing' (single) 17th February 2020

Shades of Gray 'I Get Up' (single) 14th January 2020

Raised by Owls 'The Santanist' (single) 20th November 2019

Ark Ascent 'Downfall' (album) 27th September 2019

The Injester 'Knifeblower' (single) 6th September 2019

Ark Ascent 'Downfall' (single) 16th August 2019

1 (1)

Kim Jennett 'Psycho' (single) 9th August 2019

Underside 'Gadhimai' (single) 7th May 2019

Ten Ton Slug 'Hunting Ground' (single) 5th May 2019

Kim Jennett 'Unbroken' (single) 1st May 2019

T.O.W.E.R.S 'Make Your Choice' (Single) 22nd April 2019

Raised by Owls 'Eggs Benedict Cumberbatch' (single) 19th April 2019

Dreadful cover

Raised by Owls 'Dreadful' (album) 29th March 2019

T.O.W.E.R.S 'T.O.W.E.R.S' (album) 20th March 2019

Raised by Owls 'The Philip Schofield Massacre' (single) 7th February 2019

Raised by Owls

Raised By Owls 'Owen Wilson Says Wow' (single) 1st February 2019

Raised by Owls

Raised by Owls 'Netflix and Kill' (single) 22nd November 2018

Raised by Owls

Raised by Owls 'The Cult of David Dickinson' (single) 31st October 2018


Puja 'Merkabah' (album) 24th April 2015

Born of Osiris

Born of Osiris 'The Discovery' (album) 22nd March 2011 Sumerian Records

IIIrd Alternative

IIIrd Alternative 'IIIA' (album) 22nd January 2011